A long overdue update….Just like I’m long overdue for a spanking!

Since my last post, I was lucky enough to receive regular spankings by a couple of male friends who were both Tops. About two years ago, one friend entered into a serious relationship and could no longer spank me. Then about a year ago, my other friend also entered into a serious relationship, so he can no longer spank me.

It was really sad and it hurt quite a lot that we weren’t able to remain friends. I thought we were close friends and it never ever occurred to me that one day it would all change….Ah well!….Such is life!!!!

So here I am, searching for a new play partner once again. Hopefully I’ll find the right man for me in the not too distant future.


On Saturday night August 30, I got to meet and stay with my Daddy for a week. It was the most enjoyable week I have had in years. He certainly made me feel welcome and looked after me extremely well. We talked, watched television & movies, sat together in silence which I believe was never an awkward silence, and of course there was some wonderful spanking moments that I’ll never forget. I’ll always remember the very first time he took me over his knee, flipped up my skirt, lowered my panties and spanked my bare bottom. I am the luckiest girl to have such a wonderful, caring Daddy. I missed him as soon as the taxi left his place early on Sunday morning September 7. I am hoping I get to spend time with him again in the not too distant future.

We took some photos, but I will have to ask Daddy if there is a suitable one I can post on my blog. I got the Ok to post a pic of me over my Daddy’s knee.

I can’t remember the exact date but it was sometime in 2003 when I was communicating with a man from London.  After a few months of chatting and emailing each other, he informed me that he was coming over to Australia on business.  He told me when he would be here and which Motel he will be staying at.  Knowing I had a three and a half hour drive from my place, then find somewhere safe to park my car, and then catch a bus, we were able to make a time to meet up.  When I arrived at the motel, I waited for him in the public foyer.  I noticed this man with a big grin on his face walking towards me and straight away I knew who he was.  We greeted each other then he went and bought us drinks.  We sat on one of the sofas, then he handed me something in a brown paper bag.  I opened it and removed a hairbrush with a tag attached reading “To Heat Anne’s Seat”.  I think I might have blushed as I smiled and thanked him.  We talked for awhile until I felt comfortable enough to head up to his room.  He gave my bottom a smack as we walked into the lift.  When we arrived at his room he unlocked the door and he let me enter first.  What I saw in front of me was a wooden clothes brush placed on the seat of a chair that he had placed in the middle of the room.  I went and had a shower to freshen up, while he boiled the kettle and made coffee.  After I dried myself, I put on my bathrobe and went and sat near him on the bed and we talked while I finished my coffee.  I felt totally safe and comfortable in his presence.  I noticed he had turned the television on, and I think it was to block some of the noise we would soon be making.

He took me by the hand and led me to the chair where he sat and pulled me over his knee.  He started hand spanking me over my bathrobe. It wasn’t long before I felt him sliding my bathrobe up to reveal my panty covered bottom.  He spanked me for awhile over my panties and then he stopped, lowered them, and continued to spank my bare bottom. After he gave my bottom a good hand warming, he stopped and then reached down beside the chair and produced a wooden clothes brush that he had also bought for the occasion. I didn’t have to wait long before I felt the sting of that horrid brush….OUCH!….It set my bottom on fire in a very short time.  I was so happy when he stopped spanking me and started rubbing my now very hot, stinging bottom cheeks.

We sat back on the bed and talked for awhile.  It was then that he told me he only let the brush drop down onto my bottom, that he wasn’t smacking me hard with it.  Gee, I’d hate to have felt the brush being applied with some force then.  I think I would definitely have used my safe word after the first smack if that had of been the case.

We enjoyed some more spanking fun the next morning before I had to leave for my journey home.  We both agreed we had a great time together.

I think it was in 2003 when I started communicating with a man who wanted to spank but never had the opportunity, which was mainly due to the fact that he was having difficultly finding a lady nearby who wanted to be spanked.  After a few months chatting and emailing each other, we made a date for him to visit me.

When he arrived, we sat at my kitchen table and talked over a cup of coffee and a few cigarettes.  I could tell he was a little nervous, but then again so was I.  It’s always nerve wracking meeting someone for the first time, but he was also going to spank for the first time.

When I thought he looked more comfortable and at ease, I led him to the chair that I had placed in my bedroom.  He sat down and I placed myself over his knee.  He spanked me over my slacks for awhile then he stood me up, unzipped my slacks and lowered them.  He continued to spank me over my panties, and it was then that I could tell his inhibitions had disappeared.  I knew he was getting into the moment, as he started scolding me and telling me I deserve to be spanked for being a naughty girl.  When he thought he had warmed me up enough, he stood me up, gently pulled me towards the edge of the  bed, where he sat and pulled me back down over his knee.  He lowered my panties and continued to spank my bare bottom.  When the spanking was over, he cuddled and soothed me and we talked for awhile.  It was then that he informed me that he thoroughly enjoyed his first experience and that he wanted to meet up with me again sometime.  I told him that he did a wonderful job for his first time, and that he was even better than some of the more experienced spankers.  He definitely became my favourite spanker.

Since we didn’t live in the same city, it wasn’t easy setting a date for our next meeting.  We continued to stay in contact via chat and emails until a meeting could be arranged.  It was sometime in June 2006 when we were able to meet up in a motel close to his work.  I knew it was going to take me about an hour to drive to the motel from my place, so I made certain I left home earlier than I needed just in case there was traffic due to roadworks being carried out at the time.  When I arrived at the motel, I went to the office to collect the key and pay for the room, let myself in, and made myself a coffee which I took outside to drink while I puffed on a cigarette or two.  When my friend arrived, we talked for awhile as he set up his video camera that he brought along with him.  Once the camera was set up he got into serious mode and called me over to him.  He started lecturing me about an important safety issue that he told me he wanted me to rectify a few months earlier but failed to get around to fixing the problem.  He pulled me down over his knee and started spanking me over my slacks.  He must have decided that I wasn’t getting any benefit out of him smacking my fully clothed bottom, as it wasn’t long before he stood me up, unzipped my slacks, slipped them right down and told me to step out of them.  He pulled me straight back over his knee, started scolding me as he continued spanking me over my now pantie covered bottom.  His smacks were starting to get harder and faster, so I tried to block the spanks with my hand.  He told me if I try to cover my bottom again he will lower my panties.  I tried not to cover my bottom but his big hard hand was starting to set my poor bottom on fire.  I just couldn’t resist trying to block his hand from smacking my bottom.  He said, “that’s it Anne, I warned you, now you’re panties are coming down”.  I pleaded for him not to lower them, but my pleading only seemed to fall on deaf ears.  My bare bottom cheeks were being attacked by unrelenting smacks.  He’d smack the same spot over and over on one bottom cheek and then he applied the same to the other bottom cheek, then both bottom cheeks at once.  By now my bottom was on fire and stinging.  I was squirming and pleading for him to stop.  He finally stopped when he thought I had been spanked long enough, which is just as well, as he was nearing my limit and I was almost ready to say my safe word.  Bugger though, he made me stand in the corner for about 5 minutes displaying my freshly spanked bottom.  I can tell you, I am not very fond of corner time.  It was another good session, although I had to drive home sitting on a sore bottom.  Ah!….love the afterglow!

When he told me about his schoolgirl fantasy, I told him my daughter had a uniform that would probably fit me and asked him if he’d like me to wear it for him next time we meet.  He was really excited and said he was looking forward to our next meeting.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet up again until almost 23 months later on 2 May 2007.  We were to meet at 6:30pm at a motel near me.  Again I arrived earlier at the motel because I had to change from being a mum to a naughty schoolgirl.  I could see the excitement in his eyes as he walked into the room.  Since we didn’t have much time, we had a quick conversation and got straight into the scenario.  He was my Uncle who was looking after me while my parents were holidaying overseas.  He had received a phone call from my Headmaster informing him about my bad attitude, disrespect, disrupting the class and not handing in my homework.  He lectured me about my disgusting behaviour and pulled me straight down over his knee.  He started to spank me over my skirt but it wasn’t long before he stopped, folded my skirt up and proceeded to spank me over my panties.  After awhile he told me to get up and go stand in the corner.  I was hesitating so he gave my bottom a couple of hard smacks and  lead me to the corner where he tucked my skirt up into the waistband and told me to not to move.  He only made me stay there for about five minutes, then it was straight back over his knee.  No sooner was I back in position when he lowered my panties and started spanking my bare bottom.  He was spanking hard and fast and  I was squirming, so he shifted me onto one knee so he could place his right leg over the back of mine and continued to spank me.   As he was setting my bottom on fire, I was pleading for him to stop and promising to be a good girl.  When he thought I had had enough, he stopped and let me get up.  Next thing I knew, he spun me around and made me bend over placing my hands on the bed for support.  I could hear him behind me sliding his belt from the loops of his trousers.  I turned around and saw him folding the belt in half.  He told me to get back into position and then he applied six licks of his belt.  When it was over, he threw the belt on the bed, sat down and cuddled me as he soothed me.  I clung to him for awhile as it was the hardest spanking I have ever had.  I wanted to feel what a real spanking might be like, so he only gave me what I had asked for and nothing more.

My first spanking left me with a yearning desire to experience more. I was so compelled to find a spanker, that I spent even more time on the internet and placed my profile on as many spanking sites as I could find. As luck would have it, it didn’t take long before I started chatting to a male switch. Once I informed him that I couldn’t or wouldn’t spank, he was happy enough just to spank me, as he did have more of a preference to spank than be spanked. We continued to email each other for awhile and then we started talking on the phone. Since we were both single parents and we lived 3 ½ hours away from each other, it wasn’t easy trying to arrange a meeting. We finally set a date for mid November 2000, which was for a couple of weeks later, and it was for me to stay with him for a weekend. Those two weeks seemed to drag, but with each passing day the more anxious, nervous and excited I became.

The day he was to pick me up from the train station finally arrived. As soon as we greeted each other, I felt safe and pretty much at ease. He took me back to his place where he made us coffee and we sat out on his back deck and talked. He made another coffee and we went into the lounge where he put some music on softly and we talked some more. He got up to get something and returned holding a leather paddle. He told me to stand up, place my hands on the arm of the sofa and bend over. Then he slowly tugged my slacks down and applied the paddle to my panty covered bottom. After a couple of more smacks of the paddle he lowered my panties and proceeded to apply the paddle to my bare bottom. I didn’t mind the paddle as he was only using it lightly just to give my bottom some warmth. He did remark on how much he enjoyed watching the way the paddle made contact with my bottom. He told me I may as well remove my slacks altogether, and pull my panties back into place.

We sat back down, listened to music, made jokes, laughed and conversed some more about our favourite subject, ‘spanking’. About 3/4 of an hour later, he got back into serious mode by commenting that I have been a very naughty girl and I deserve to be spanked.  As he said that, he pulled me over his knee, adjusted my bottom so it was in the perfect position to receive his full attention and placed his hand on my pantied covered bottom.   He started to scold me just as the palm of his hand made contact with my bottom.  He spanked slowly at first, alternating between cheeks, letting the heat build up.  Once he thought I had been warmed-up enough, he started to spank harder and faster.  Then he said, “a spanking isn’t a proper spanking unless it’s “done on the bare”.  Then I felt his fingers slip under the waistband of my panties, then I felt him slowly lower them to the tops of my thighs.  Then as he said, “naughty girls get their bare bottoms soundly spanked”, he smacked my bottom accentuating each word.  I felt his hand being applied over and over, and he’d spank the same spot to let the heat and sting set in.  He covered every inch of my bottom cheeks.  He finally stopped spanking me but only long enough to fetch a small wooden paddle that he had put on the table next to him.  It wasn’t long before my bottom started to feel the sting of the paddle.  I tried to move my bottom out of the line of fire without success.  He didn’t apply the paddle hard or for long, but it almost brought tears to my eyes.  When it was over, he sat me up and gave me a cuddle and soothed me.

There were a few more spankings during the weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them.  None of them were too much for me to handle, as he never spanked past my limit.

We only got to spend one more weekend together, which was in February 2001, simply because it became too difficult arranging to have time to ourselves.

I met a few more spankers between 2001 – 2003, and every spanking I received were unique in their own way.  Luckily I never had one bad experience, but I did have one ‘boring’ session.  It was boring because nothing much was mentioned before the spanking, and nothing was said during the spanking, no lectures and no scolding, it was total silence.  Needless to say I never contacted that man again.